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Santé Publique
Testez gratuitement* pendant vos déplacements et pour 10 jours
un voile intégral de protection anti-ondes.
Ne convient pas aux EHS qui sont MCS

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Protect yourself from mankind’s madness,
spread in particular by "Repacholi, the Goebbels of the manufacturers"

Technicien_de_Deutsche_Telekom_intervenant_sur_un site_d_antennes_relais_en_combinaison_de_protection_Hautes_Frequences_artificielles_micro_ondes_Photo_Deutsche_Telekom
Technician from Deutsche Telekom working on a phone mast in special overalls as
protection against artificial HF microwave radiation (Photo: Deutsche Telekom)



Radiation Protection Professional Intervention GHZ Hertzian Repeaters



Fabric trade name:
(developed by US military technology)

protective veiling against artificial HF microwave radiation

Tests carried out close to a relay antenna GSM and UMTS 3G (2169 MHz)


TEST RESULTS 1 (without veil) . . . . . .TEST RESULTS 2 (with veil)

Isotropic probe 100 kHz - 2500 MHz - fiber optic link - intervals ΔT 2'' - 70m distance


NB: the variations observed in TEST 1 were due to strong gusts of wind during the test,
which goes to show that EMFs are influenced not only by the humidity present but also by strong winds.



Protective veiling against artificial HF microwave radiation


Detail of wire mesh


Détail : 100X, 200X, 500X



Fabric trade name:
(developed by US military technology)

protective veiling against artificial HF microwave radiation

blend of polyamide with high-tech weaving of fine silver wire

Fabric width 1.40m - weight 40g/m² - mesh about 0.7mm

Protection rating 0,5 GHz (500 MHz) at 6 GHz from 50 db-45 db ie. 99,999%-99,992%


NB: The reduction in dB divides the value by a factor of 10:
90dB is 10 times less than 100dB and 80dB is 100 times less, etc.

This fabric is very effective and fairly transparent and can be used for personal protection,
either as an insulating lining for clothes, caps, etc,
or as a shawl, provided it is not in direct contact with the skin.
It can also be used as drapes to create a Faraday cage or a curtain surrounding a bed,
in which case it is essential to have it independently earthed.

Warning: This protective fabric is totally ineffective against VLF EMFs of 50 Hz.

Normal sale price from 65€ per metre of 1.40m width.


Sandra, ultra-EHS, tests the"Aaronia-Shield" fabric


Sandra's encephaloscan . . . no comment



Detail of wire mesh


Sandra in protective clothing tests
the fabric standing in the beam from a GSM/UMTS-3G relay antenna: No problem







Man and Woman (head and neck)

in situ tests: phone masts GSM and UMTS 3G (2169 MHz)

Isotropic probe 100 kHz - 2500 MHz - fiber optic link - intervals ΔT 2'' - 70m distance


TEST RESULTS 1 (unprotected)


TEST RESULTS 2 (with protection)





Composition: 97% cotton, 3% fine wire mesh
Protection: 45 dB / 200 MHz to 18 dB / 2400 MHz,
99,995 % to 98 %

ZOOM détail of wire mesh (click)

Next-up organization discourages this type of protection
(No interior insulation = discharge in contact with the skin)
Next-up Organisation is currently working on an improved version of this cowl
(which is already on the market), adding a protective cotton lining and an integral veil.















12_semplici_consigli_di _revenzione_per_limitare_l_esposizione_alle_radiazioni_del_cellulare_in_chi_lo_usa










European Survey_Uk Version

In the face of the present unprecedented increase in artificial microwave radiation in the environment, there is a vital need to obtain up to date information as a basis for a comprehensive assessment of the impact of this radiation on people's health.

This questionnaire for the general public is easy to fill in and anonymous.
For it to be credible and representative it is essential for it to be circulated widely in Europe and worldwide so that we can amass the maximum statistical data.

Designed originally in a printed version by Dr Roger Santini, it has been updated so that people who live close to relay antennas can give the full details of their experience.
The statistics gathered from this enquiry will be sent anonymously to scientists
and health organisations for analysis and publication.

Please help circulate this questionnaire.




"Protect yourself from electromagnetic waves"





. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ulrich Weiner EHS

Serge Sargentini EHS: Open Letter to François Fillon, Prime Minister









Evidently the EHS person who adapted his garage as a living space has not understood a thing and knows nothing about EMFs (electromagnetic fields).

From what can be seen of the arrangements made, the cure is a lot worse than the problem,
since there are many sources of both LF and HF wavelengths, such as the cathode tube computer creen, lots of energy-saving light bulbs, an electric heater, and no separate earth contact.

In these conditions the use of multi-layered metallic protection doesn't only trap the EMFs generated,
it intensifies them by reflection!
What's more it is not only ineffective but completely irresponsible
to cover the furniture as well since it increases the reflection of the radiation.












For those who are EHS and wish to protect their living space
it is fundamental to remove every source of radiation within the area.

View of protected sleeping area (as in the EHS Refuge Zone test caravan)




Faraday cage: Graph Measures = - 87,6 dBm = 0,00037106 V/m
corresponding approximately to ambient noise

Conversions table and equivalences [click]


HF conversion table
Readings from spectrum analyser




Lighting with non-radiating incandescent light bulbs

Edison 20W bulb that does not give off radiation . . . and provides 95% of the energy to heat the caravan.
With the use of low-energy CFL bulbs that has been imposed recently, everybody's heating bill will be going up!

Bio-rupters (interrupt the 2 phases)





Faraday Cage: why use a stainless steel grille of 0.8 mm mesh for the ventilation?

A law of physics tells us that for counteracting EM radiation the mesh spacing should be less than 1/4 of the wavelength
of the radiating HF wave, ie bi-band mobile phone frequencies 900 MHz (33.3cm), 1800 MHz (16.5cm),
UMTS up to 2200 MHz = 2.2 GHz (13cm), and up to Wi-fi 2.4 GHZ (12.5cm),
which makes a 3cm mesh.

However experience shows that this theoretical construct does not tally with the facts.
Our experience shows that to absorb radiation effectively the mesh has to be less than 2mm
(as in the metallic mesh used for food protection).


Completely independent earth contact

EHS Refuge Zone: earth contact (D=240mm) for the Faraday cage caravan with post in stainless steel 260x50x10mm

Faraday cage chassis: detail (zoom) of the stainless steel earth, with 32mm² cables (BTR stainless steel D=12mm)














Total protection against HF microwaves EMFs



Example of a room completely protected against EMF radiation in MHz and GHz frequencies:
- walls and ceiling covered in painted decorative metallic wallpaper.
- sliding glass doors with metal frame.
- doors and windows covered with folding shutters and metal fastenings (duralumin).


Sarah Dacre

The woman who needs
a veil of protection from modern life.



Headquarters of Next-up Organisation (France)

Our registered offices are right above a major Orange mobile phone base station, which is 80 metres away.
We have therefore put up a protective metal barrier 7.70 metres high right opposite the beams radiating from the relay antennas.
The small photo top right shows the metal barriers against the artificial HF microwave radiation being put up in 2005.
The red letters ZONE IRRADIÉE (RADIATION ZONE) are more than a metre high.
A covered hatch (the small white square in the middle of the wall) allows us to take photos, to carry out
experiments in real conditions and to take measurements of the electromagnetic field with isotropic meters, etc.
[Checking the electromagnetic field (1,92 V/m) through the hatch].

The parabolic TV antennas on the roof (all receivers), some of them more than 3 metres in diameter,
enable us to access and to handle the news from the main TV chains and networks worldwide.







EMF: Physical protection

Protecting a roof with alternating layers of aluminium foil and insulating material


































- L'irradiation Artificielle Humaine doit être "Criminalisée".
C'est une Violation du Code de Nuremberg

- The artificial radiation of human beings should be considered "a crime".
It is a violation of the Nuremberg Code

- Menschen künstlichen Strahlungen auszusetzen sollte zur Strafsache gemacht werden.
- Dies ist ein Verstoß gegen die Vereinbarungen des Nürnberger Kodex

- La irradiación Artificial Humana debe ser "Criminalizada".
Es una Violación del Código de Núremberg

- La radiazione Artificiale Umana dev'essere "Perseguita Penalmente".
Questa è una violazione del Codice di Norimberga



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