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Hundreds of thousands of people who are EHS are in danger,
it’s becoming a matter of life and death


The latest information of EHS from Vercors (France)


Photo: Some members of EHS are present at the extreme forest Saoû.
The authorities have in their possession explicit medical certificates [French version].
Therefore, this is a high health risk deportation. Everyone must take responsibility concerning the expelled EHS.
For the remainder of the "inevitable happened" nobody can say "I do not know."

EHS: Medical Certificates

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EHS self-expulsion of the forest of Saou (France)
because the will of Mr Didier Guillaume and Patrick Royanne, Green, president and vice president
of the General Council of the Drôme, the official in charge of environment,
to deal with us as terrorists trying for more than 48 hours to expel us again moults at night
with the use of public force regardless to the poor health of some EHS,
we prefer starting in broad daylight in convoys in order to ensure maximum safety of the entire group.

We notice that the only priority of the General Council and the authorities, is to expel us secretly,
at night, with biddings, without media, without witnesses,
rather than taking into account the problem of people becoming Electro Hyper Sensitive Forest Saoû.
This situation becomes increasingly stressful,
especially at night by a continuous watch which is added to all the difficulties that support EHS.

Today our shriek (call) is a shriek of great anger and distress.
To survive, in order to assume a collective security we're leaving today in a convoy
in an area said to eligible low artificial radiation, but most inhospitable where the occupation is just as illegal
as it is located in the Vallon de Combeau over 1400 m altitude
in the commune of Treschenu Creyers in the Regional Natural Park of Vercors.

Will we drive out again and to where?
The fight for survival continues EHS, having no choice but an obligation.






The fight for life is a legitimate struggle, nothing and no one can oppose to it.
In France, faced with the evidence, it is urgentissime that the non recognition of EHS ends, however,
it shows that the health authorities under pressure from Holocaust deniers in conflict of interest is that they are attentive to this emerging environmental problem, in other words "it is urgent to wait."
At the same time, more and more people are impacted by the deleterious effects of artificial radiation,
high frequency microwave and also those of low frequency.

Supporting the ambient radiation bath, is now a torture for a growing number of people,
indeed it is found that the EHS follows the increased exponential curve in the rate of radiation
coming from all new sources of interference and direct corollary the incidence of cancer is exploding. µ
In France, EHS decided to start fighting for recognition, it is a brave and noble struggle of public health to the credit of those involved directly in the field for several months often under difficult or even extreme, soon. Unfortunately, so far the responses from authorities were not yet far and the stakes,
EHS accordingly, has no other choice but to intensify the fight started to be heard,
that’s why they need help, it’s vital.





EHS forest Saoû photo, October, 13th 2010 8:53 p.m.:
The Governor, by having in principle give the green light, The EHS experts wait for the Forces’ "order"
at any time, even at night! In this civil procedure,
it is Royanne Patrick (Green) manipulated or incompetent who is considered by all EHS as the main responsible for this lamentable deportation high health risks that does not solve the problem of survival of EHS.
Ultimately Patrick Royanne never kept any of his promises (negotiations).



Forest Saoû photo October, 14th 2010 4:47 pm :
If the expulsion of EHS Forest Saoû was postponed several times on Thursday,
it's just because of the presence of  media there! (Journalists and TV)
"The picture that kills" is "the holy funk"

Didier Guillaume (PS) and especially Patrick Royanne (Green), replacing Michele Rivasi straw!!
This can also be inflected by: "No Control = No wave"
is also for the forces of gendarmerie, a dirty job which they would be well spent.
In short, orders and orders-cons have succeeded all day like all days "to see clearly" at 5pm
a gentel Constable (they were always very friendly with EHS) came to the information
in situ so that the hierarchy will be well informed on the real-time evaluation.









Drive to the new location more sheltered area of EHS Refuge White Zone of Vallon de Combeau (Vercors-France)















Martine, EHS extreme


France EHS TV report [Fr]

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Take part in the Action
White Zone
Area for survival and replenishment
of resources for the EHS
in each region of France







Laure 23 June 2010: to her mother who has been living in a cave since August 2009


Send a message of support to the EHS present at the demonstration in the forêt of Saoû (White Zone):

Access to the forêt of Saoû

Plan accss to the forêt of de Saoû


Public health and EHS:
A good outcome for the crisis is possible


Philippe, member of the action group ‘Une terre pour les EHS’ (‘A Safe Space for the EHS’)
Consultative Meeting with the Conseil Général [regional council] of the Drôme in the Forêt de Saoû


Rodger, member of the action group
‘A Safe Space for the EHS’: ‘A Space for Survival’
Present at the meeting, from left to right:
Patrick Royannez, Vice-President of the Conseil Général in charge of environment, taking the place of Didier Guillaume,
President of the CG; Laurent Trouillet, Director of Environment in the Conseil Général ; Daniel Gilles, Mayor of Saoû;
Olivier Hahn of the action group ‘Robin des toits’ (‘Robin Hood of the Roofs’); Philippe Tribaudeau and other representatives
of ‘A Safe Space for the EHS’; Serge Sargentini from Next-up Organisation

Serge Sargentini (Next-up Organisation) made an urgent request to Patrick Royannez (CG) to plan
a working session of the Conseil Général based on the latest report from the Assemblée Nationale and the Sénat by
[the Parliamentary Office for Evaluation of Choices in Scientific and Technical Matters ] presided by Alain Gest, député,
which mentions the problems of the EHS a number of times.
For example page 176 and page 193 §1-2:
"Apart from the scientific and medical assessments, which at present conform to the orientations decided by the WHO during
the working session held in Prague in 2004, the second phase deals with the means by which those people who declare themselves
to be EHS can benefit from care and necessary support from society.
In this respect it is appropriate to plan for the payment of subsidies to the EHS action groups.
The overall management of the problems posed by the EHS should combine these different factors.”

Page 217:  The report provides the following explanations:
- The people who claim to be electrohypersensitive do have genuine symptoms, even if these are not the same as cancer symptoms;

– the idea of subsidising EHS groups is justified by the fact that it is not enough simply to pursue further research, even though it must
be agreed that without identifiable symptoms, those who declare themselves to be EHS cannot be considered to be sick in normal terms.

In spite of these last words, with an open mind and as a beginning, it is entirely possible to find an area of refuge and survival for the EHS
in this region and in the immediate future. To do this it is necessary for Senator Didier Guillaume, President of the Conseil Général for the Drôme
(one of the largest départements in France) to organise a meeting as soon as possible in consultation with the Comité Opérationnel (Com
set up after the Round Table on EMFs that took place in 2009, presided over by François Brottes, député for Isère.



Video report interviews (French) : click




Report on the press conférence


Opening of the press conference by Philippe Tribaudeau of the group Une terre pour les EHS
From left to right: Daniel Gilles, Mayor of Saoû; Patrick Royannez, Vice-President of the Conseil Général of the Drôme
and responsible for the environment, taking the place of Didier Guillaume, President du CG; Philippe Tribaudeau of the group
‘A Safe Space for the EHS’; Michèle Rivasi, member of the European Parliament; Serge Sargentini of Next-up Organisation

Daniel Gilles, Mayor of Saoû, was very proud that the Forêt de Saoû, a protected natural area,
is also a White Zone [free of any radiation].

Patrick Royannez (Vice-President of the Conseil Général and responsible for the environment, taking the place of the President)
expressed his support and his awareness of the significance of the health factors, but pointed out in a letter
sent to the group ‘A Safe Space for the EHS’ the regulations that apply to the protected natural area of the Forêt de Saoû.


Michèle Rivasi, member of the European Parliament, expressed support for the action and proposed setting up in every
a White Zone where the EHS could go to restore themselves. She agreed with the comment of Patrick Royannez
of the Conseil Général, which owns the Forêt de Saoû, that it was not possible to continue the action in the long term in a protected
area open to the public. On some days there could be more than two thousand people in the area, and therefore a great many mobile phones!

Serge Sargentini of Next-up Organisation declared that the organisation considers this action to be a salutary wake-up
call in favour of public health, consequently the organisation was supporting the legitimate claims expressed
and was covering the news of the action in real time.

A coordinator of the organisation read out a sample of the hundreds of messages of support (below).


From : Christian S
Sent : jeudi 24 juin 2010 20:50
To :
Objet : Zone Blanche Action en cours
UNE TERRE POUR LES EHS "Appel du 23 juin 2010"


Having been EHS for more than 10 years, I understand your action.
Surrounded as we are by artificial radiation, being EHS ought to be the norm. 
This condition is simply the result of being more aware of one’s body. In other words, being EHS is not an illness but a normal state of affairs.

Most of our fellow citizens don’t feel anything because they are not aware of their own cellular metabolism. Even worse, they don’t object to being irradiated. 
Like moths drawn to the flame they actually demand these damaging technologies.
They are consenting victims and it is very difficult to convince them that there is a health risk.

Will we have to wait until they get sick in their millions before the public health authorities take any action?
Sadly that is what will happen because one cannot count on public institutions, tied up as they are by the lobbies.
Meanwhile it’s essential to learn to protect oneself and as far as possible to refuse to be irradiated either passively or actively. .

In friendship

Send a message of support to the EHS present at the demonstration in the forêt of Saoû (White Zone):

Rodger of the group Une terre pour les EHS, overcome with emotion, had the last word:
“For the EHS, it’s a fight for life. Close companions have left. It is time to do something.” 

25 06 2010 Interview Isabelle EHS

Living in Spartan conditions far from the irradiation of artificial microwaves

Isabelle and Odile EHS with Michèle Rivasi

Laure explaining to Patrick Royannez the case of her mother Anne, extremely EHS,
who has been living in a cave for almost a year in order to get away from artificial microwave irradiation!

Bernard EHS with Michèle Rivasi

The EHS show themselves to the world






The EHS show themselves to the world






Action: Dealing with the news on the spot


On the spot : Transfer and details of the operation, in less than an hour the broadcasts will be happening,
thanks to a high-speed connection – wired !


Rodger at his workplace




Appeal of 23 June 2010 (in French)





The Forêt de Saoû, a protected natural area





Sign: Refuge Zone for the EHS


Forêt de Saoû, White Zone, protected natural area, visitors turn off your mobile phones
EHS in the area, thank you

Car park occupied by the EHS



Isabelle final version of the Appeal of 23 June 2010



Hundreds of thousands of people who are EHS are in danger, it’s becoming a matter of life and death  



23 June 2010 Demonstration for public health


Send a message of support to the EHS present at the demonstration in the forêt of Saoû (White Zone):

Envoyer un message de soutien aux EHS présents à la forêt de Saoû :

Schicken Sie den EHS, die zur Zeit an der Aktion im Wald von  Saoû (Zone Blanche)
beteiligt sind, eine Nachricht:


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