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EHS Refuge Zone in France : new discharge unit (SPA 2.8 tonnes when empty)
Engineering, conception, construction in stainless steel [1-2-3] Next-up organisation




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EHS Refuge Zone France 2011: Pr Franz Adlkofer and EHS Christiane (Discharge Routine Demo)


EHS Refuge Zone France 2011: Pr Franz Adlkofer and Serge Sargentini
Discharge unit (SPA 2.8 t - stainless steel)



3SAT und TSR 2
Frankreich und Schweiz
Der Planet der Wellen
Funkfreies Dorf für Electro Hyper Sensible Menschen (EHS)
 Elektrosensible aber kämpfen um Anerkennung ihrer Krankheit




Facts about the Discharge Routine:
100% of people (whether EHS or not) who  carry out the most effective discharge routine*
feel immediately better and most of them sleep solidly for 12 hours
from the first night  at a deep level  … without sleeping pills!

* with a discharge and earth at a very low Ohm level (˂ 5 Ωm)
When the EHS do the same thing about  5% of them feel a powerful shock ... of feeling better!
Some of them are almost knocked out by it, hence the need to do the routine in gradual doses.






A Gesture for Health, a Discharge Routine

Carrying out this discharge routine is an effective way to get rid of invasive and disturbing electrical
currents by means of a system connected to a totally independent earth conduit.
In a shared building it is very difficult, if not impossible, to have an independent earth.

An independent earth is rated according to the Ohm level. Its resistance is indicated in Ohms/metre (Ωm),
which is a crucial parameter; the lower it is the better. 
Ideally the resistance level would be nil (0 Ωm), but that is virtually impossible,
hence the aim is for it to be as low as possible.

The resistance level varies according to several factors, the main one being the resistivity of the ground
in contact with the electrode carrying the current, which is dictated by its nature, its depth,
humidity level (hygrometry) and temperature. It is measured with a meter called a tellurometer.
In fact there is a very weak VLF (Very Low Frequency) continuous electrical current carried in the natural magnetic field, called the telluric current, which runs through the upper levels of the earth’s crust.

The other fundamental criterion is the type of material used for the connections and the cabling
(16-32mm² minimum) which should have a high conductivity.

Can the existing cabling of the earth conduit or the pipework for water, gas etc, be used for a discharge earth conduit?
For safety one should NEVER make use of existing metallic pipework or other structures used for earthing electrical charges to create a discharge conduit, in order to prevent any VERY DANGEROUS surcharge.

The official standard for earth conduits is for a resistance level below 50 Ω-25 Ω,
but for the most effective result in a discharge unit this should be below 5 Ωm.

The resistivity of the human body is very weak and very much dependent on the condition of the skin
for getting rid of the invasive and disturbing electrical currents arising from
the new environmental pollution of artificial electromagnetic radiation.

Normal or dry skin has a comparatively high resistance, so that is why the discharge routine has to reduce
this as far as possible by taking account in the design of several physical, mechanical and technical parameters,
making the best use of the water for maximum beneficial contact.












Initiating the discharge unit



EHS Refuge Zone: earth contact


Earth with flat copper contact 4m long





5 sets of cable of 16 mm² = 80 mm²





3SAT und TSR 2
Frankreich und Schweiz
Der Planet der Wellen
Funkfreies Dorf für Electro Hyper Sensible Menschen (EHS)
 Elektrosensible aber kämpfen um Anerkennung ihrer Krankheit



Flag Allemand 40 25


Dies ist eine Europäische Umfrage zu biologischen- und gesundheitlichen-Symptomen,
von Menschen die in der Nähe von Mobilfunk Basisstationen (Antennen) leben.

In Angesicht des nie da gewesenen Anstiegs an künstlicher Mikrowellen Bestrahlung
der Umwelt, sind aktuelle  Statistiken unverzichtbar.
Ziel ist eine globale Bewertung des Einflusses der Strahlung
auf die Gesundheit der Menschen.

Diese anonyme Umfrage ist einfach gehalten.
Damit Sie repräsentativ wird,
ist eine möglichst große Verbreitung in Europa und der Welt erforderlich.

Basierend auf einem original Papier von Dr. Roger Santini,
wurde Sie angepasst für Anwohner von Mobilfunkbasis-Stationen (Antennen).
Nach automatisierter Verarbeitung, werden die Statistiken anonymisiert an Wissenschaftler und staatliche Stellen zu Analyse und Veröffentlichung weitergeleitet.

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Flag Allemand 40 25


























































EHS Zone Refuge : prise de terre de décharge (D=240 mm) de caravane cage de Faraday
bornier inox 260x50x10 mm

EHS Refuge Zone: earth contact (D=240mm) for the Faraday cage caravan with post in stainless steel 260x50x10mm

Châssis cage de Faraday : détail (zoom) de la prise de terre inox, avec câbles de 32 mm² (BTR inox D=12 mm)

Faraday cage chassis: detail (zoom) of the stainless steel earth, with 32mm² cables (BTR stainless steel D=12mm)