For the first time in the world
there is a major official publicity campaign
against mobile phones for children.

The action groups in Lyon and Next-up Organization would have liked
the age limit in the campaign against mobile phones for children to be 15.


Poster in the Place Bellecour in Lyon (translated)


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Health: the City of Lyon
has launched a publicity campaign
to discourage the use of mobile phones by children.



- Mobile phone use: the city of Lyon teaches a lesson

"For the first time in France, a major city is launching a campaign
to discourage the use of mobile phones among children."
"The really new, in fact unusual, factor is that this action is not being promoted by
the city itself but by a political group, the Green Party, of which Mireille Roy,
the council officer in charge, is a member. It's taking place in an interesting context.
If the question focuses on a matter of public health, the real issue is a political one."
"Neither the body of law authorised by the Council of State
nor any other legal or regulatory directives allow local authorities
any real freedom of action in this domain.
But in the face of mounting pressure,
something had to be done.
Thus the moment was ripe for this campaign, even though it would be possible for those who are concerned to bring a group action in court."



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Taking effective action
 is making mobile phones compatible with human health,
it's helping Next-up organisation in its fight,
especially to bring cases to court,
 it's getting the BioInitiative standard adopted.
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