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Crash of the Yemenia Airways Airbus

Kassim Bakari, father of Bahia and
Alain Joyandet, Secretary of State for Cooperation


During the press conference at Le Bourget airport Alain Joyandet,
Secretary of State for Cooperation,
reported Bahia's account in these precise words:
" Instructions were given,
she felt something like electricity,
as if she had been electrocuted,
there then was a tremendous noise and
she found herself in the water."

Bahia told her doctors that the moment of the accident was "like an electric shock".


Crash of the Yemenia Airways Airbus: the disturbing truth.
Bahia Baraki: "She is 13 years old,
she's a miraculous survivor and she is a better witness than the black boxes!"




. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bahia Bakari 02 07 2009


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bahia Bakari 02 07 2009



02 07 2009 Le Bourget Aéroport,
Paris: Kassim Bakari is reunited with his daughter Bahia in the plane that brought her back from the Comoros:
"A great moment of strong feeling".



02 07 2009: Kassim Bakari waiting for his daughter Bahia at Le Bourget airport in Paris. He lost his wife Aziza in the crash:
" . . . what I feel is very intense, I'm torn between relief and sorrow."


02 07 2009: On the beach at Mitsamiouli (Grand Comores) opposite the site of the Yemenia Airways crash,
Mahamed Ahmed Abdallah Sambi, President of the Comoros,
appeals to the international community for help in carrying out the search.


02 07 2009: the Yemenia Airways desk at Marseille airport.



02 07 2009: To prevent another catastrophe families from the Comoros
block the route of passengers going to embark on Yemenia Airways flights in Paris and Marseille.



Information (to take with a pinch of salt):
Macedonia International News Agency:
"Russians order Flight Changes, after Massive Magnetic Shift downs Airliners..."





Aircraft and ElectroMagnetic Compatibility





An accident is always the result of a conjunction of factors:
exceeding the safety limits that safeguard electromagnetic compatibility

can cause a glitch in the plane's electronic systems . . .

- ElectroMagnetic compatibility and immunity

"Airbus, WiFi and GSM:
A protective Faraday Cage and an inverted Faraday Cage"





Q&A: Bill Strauss: Academic Look at Interference

Portable Electronic Devices Onboard Commercial Aircraft: Assessing the Risks
Graham William Strauss




Rome 21 08 2008

Three passengers on an Alitalia flight between Milan and Bari
were arrested Saturday morning at the airport of Milan-Linas
because they had not turned off their cell phones while
the aircraft was speeding up for take-off.

Next-up : Crash Boeing 777..
Flight 38 British Airways Londres Heathrow

Interference and electromagnetic compatibility ?

The Full Authority Digital Engine Control, is one
of the largest ECUs on an aircraft. It is a microprocessor-based unit.



Crash Airbus A330 Flight 447 Air France Rio-Paris

The Air France Airbus A330-203 number F-GZCP at the Roissy airport France (photo Jérôme Mervelet)

The Air France Airbus A330-203 number F-GZCP at the international George Bush airport in Houston (Photo Nathan Zalgman))










Airbus 330 Qantas Flight QF 72

Airbus 330 Qantas Flight QF 72: Example of damage to ceiling panels in aisle.



Airbus 330 Qantas Flight QF 72: Example of damage to ceiling panels above passenger seats


- Airbus A330 - 300
Laptop computers could be to blame
for the incident on board a Qantas flight

"Laptops might have been the cause of the problem
on board the Qantas flight QF72, say the officials."


"Apparently the investigators have ascertained that the failure
of the altitude control system happened when
certain passengers' laptops interfered with the plane's computers."



- Airbus A330 - 300
Safety Special: Wi-Fi – for whom the bell tolls

"This also devalues the safeguards
for resistance to electromagnetic interference . . ."


"Alerted by a previous incident last July that was supposedly provoked by interference from a cordless mouse, this time the investigators are turning their attention to the passengers and are looking for someone who might have been using an item of wireless equipment."




- Airbus A330 - 300
Speculation laptop use caused Qantas flight plunge

"Air safety investigators say it is too early to blame passenger laptop computers
for causing a Qantas jet to abruptly nose dive on a flight from Singapore to Perth."


"The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has said an "irregularity" in one of the plane's computers may have caused the dramatic altitude change which hurled passengers around the cabin.
Laptops could have interfered with the plane's
on-board computer system, it has been reported."





Airbus 330 Qantas Flight QF 72 : Safe and well!

The uninjured passengers after the emergency landing



Evacuation of the injured passengers after the emergency landing.

No photo of the uninjured passengers inside the plane is shown,
however certain photos might upset those under 16 years of age.


. .
"This photo report is presented to make people aware that the incident involving the Airbus A330 of Qantas flight QF72, which took place in very favorable weather conditions, was not in the least insignificant."




GSM Onboard Airbus Aircraft

- Daniel Glaser, ing. Dipl.
Airbus Deutschland Gmbh.

GSM Onboard Airbus Aircraft


"This article provides a brief top-level description for the GSM Onboard System for Airbus aircrafts.
The system will allow passengers to use their own mobile phones
for voice and data services during dedicated phases of the flight."


Planes and Mobile Phones: how they work

The on-board mobile phone system certified by
EASA (European Aviation Safety Authority).
does not in theory interfere with the plane's navigation instruments.

As a precaution it is not activated during landing or take-off until the plane has reached 3000 metres (10,000ft), and can only be used during the flight once the new warning sign 'turn off your phone" has been switched off.

However these signs are sometimes ignored by passengers, who try to connect with terrestrial base stations during landing or taxiing. 


How it works:
Mobile phones connect to a micro-relay antenna installed in the aircraft.
A modem sends the wireless communications to a satellite, which transmits them to a station on the ground.
They are then sent on to the base station of the relevant phone network.

In theory, when connecting with mobile phones the micro-antenna on the aircraft uses
only a low energy signal with a weak electromagnetic field of artificial HF microwaves,
which should not, according to the certification standards,
carry any risk of interference that would jeopardise the electromagnetic immunity
of the plane's electronic systems (avionics).




A Boeing 747 taking off and being struck by lightning but not damaged






British Airways Boeing 777 Heathrow crash evidence ?

Hounslow: Heigth 600 ft
Hypothesis interference zone EMF/RF Phone masts
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