on the Biological and health Symptoms experienced by Neighbours
of Relay Antennas for Mobile Telephones and WiMax.

The goal of this new Research Questionnaire
is to collect for 2010 the maximum amount of new data and statistics
in front of the unprecedented growth of mobile relay antennas for Mobile Telephones ( MT),
WiMax, etc…. result of putting in operation new technologies
(EDGE, 3G /UMTS, HSPA, WiMax, Tetra, Tetrapol, etc….) by the different operators.

This growing density of the network of relay stations for MT generates a very strong increase
in “ Electrosmog” (the whole set of ambient Electro Magnetic Fields - EMF).
This latest development is now bringing the amount of masts to an even more worrying level
for our health, notably by the generalization of hyper frequency radiation from microwaves.

The absence of objective information generates a total lack of understanding
of the risks incurred by people who live near the relay antennas.
For exemple numerous studies show a the opening of the Brain/Blood Barrier (BBB) having serious consequences, electroencephalogram changes, therefore a cerebral dysfunction under the exposure
of the electromagnetic fields (EMF) from cell phone relay antennas in the outbreak of neurovegetative troubles such as headaches, abnormal tiredness, slight dizziness, sleep disturbances, etc ...
from where comes the completely new expression of recent years :
“ People Are Tired ”.

of radiofrequency radiation with hyperfrequency microwaves (pulsed)
on human metabolism are known at the present time.

The Microwave Syndrome.

This anonymous questionnaire if you want it, is easy to complete.
It is essential that it should be widely spread in France and in Europe so as to be credible.
After a data processing of the answers to the questionnaire,
we will put the statistics back in the hands of scientists for final analysis.

Concerning all political responsible authorities in position,
concerning health european governmental authorities, concerning O.M.S. and ICNIRP included,
it’s now highly imperative, for the human future
to change the approach method in order to define by name and
with accuracy each one’s role so as to derive responsibility in relation to further actions.

Nobody will be allowed to say : " I didn’t know ! "

In front to those who know but have interest to see the actual obscurity situation
to continue as long as possible, we must help all those who know the REM effects on human,
because in our modern society it is very difficult for
them to explain this invisible, odourless, soundless but highly dangerous in long time radiations.

If you live in the neighbourhood of visible or of integrated (hidden) relay antennas,
talk to people around you, to your neighbours.

So that you have a better understanding, we have chosen a simple example of the biological effects of exposure to EMF from relay antennas, this first effect will be on your sleeping.


An Example of the biological effect
of exposure to EMF from relay antennas on our sleep.

To have a good sleep, you must restore a feeling of well-being and a better health,
who could say the opposite ?

1 – Repeated each night, our sleep time is of species of what is called a bio-rhythm.
2 – Our sleep is maded of two types of cycle, deep sleep and paradoxical sleep
(the phase of sleep corresponding to dream periods).
3 – As no one can survive without sleep, we therefore need for a vital minimum of deep and paradoxical sleep, whatever the lenght of our sleep.
4 – In deep sleep our brain is in a state of rest and our body itself. . . rests!
This is essential to the vanishing of the cerebral fatigue of the day.
5 – In our paradoxical sleep if our body rests, our brain is still active, dreams demonstrate
an intense cerebral activity, this plays a fundamental role in our memory mechanisms,
emotional control and in our physical balance,
(for young people this plays a major role in their development).
6 – This balance is very fragile for many of us, all changes of our "personal capital"
of sleep have inevitable and immediate consequences the next day,. . .
The quality of our day time will therefore depend on the one of our night !

In addition and unfortunately chronic exposure to Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF)
for Mobile Telephones ( MT) causes notably
a fall in the secretion of melatonin (the sleep hormone) that regulates our biological rhythms,
this causes sleep disturbances for those who live near relay antennas.
If you have not taken this into account,
go out and sleep some nights in a not polluted (by EMF) environment
and you will quickly feel the difference,
you will certainly feel better and will enjoy phases of normal dreaming again !

All persons,. . .
who modify the sleep of individuals regardless of their wishes violate
a basic right of all citizens, that of the right to their physical integrit.


on the Biological and health Symptoms experienced by Neighbours
of Relay Antennas for Mobile Telephones and WiMax.


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according to the Act n°78-17, january 6, 1978,
you have the privilege to modify and remove all personal data brought to you knowledge