Dr Devra Lee Davis
State legislators in Maine are preparing to enact a law which would require all mobile phones
in the state to carry a potential health risk warning.
Jim Axelrod reports.

29 03 2010

Dearest People,

Well it was decided by leadership that the minority report be presented for a final vote on the floor
in Maine this past Fri. in Maine  Results were...

House, 83-62 in favor of killing the bill
Senate, 20 -15 in favor of killing the bill.  

In other words nothing passed.  However, this is evidently a very close vote for a brand new issue that no one knew
very much about except for the awareness that was raised via the hearings and local attention to the bill.  
The committee did write the CDC a letter asking that more info on this issue of cell phone radiation
be linked to their website.  Exact wording of the letter I do not have but will let you know once I do.  
So Maine will be the first state to mandate this from the CDC.  But again, I don't have this letter yet.

The legislator who brought bill, Andrea Boland, is re-submitting it for the 2011 session.  
She just has to get re-elected in the interim.  
I would comment but being as this is a non profit, we are strictly prohibited from advocating for any political candidates.  

During this time, we have been contacted by other states who see Maine as we do...a huge awareness raising
event which only brought us closer to our eminent success in getting a warning label on cell phones.  

We have received numerous requests to post the hearings on the website and will be doing so soon.
 Hopefully they will aide in your bringing this bill or others like it to your own state or country.

We are also currently moving forward with warning labels on cell phones at the federal level. 
 A group of us will be in DC in the month of May for National Brain Tumor Awareness Week, (approx. May 4th -
May 11th) lobbying Congress.  There may be a language change in the bill due to our experience in Maine.  
I will send it out to you all once it is finalized, but ultimately it will be up to whichever legislator picks the bill up and authors it, to decide upon exact language of the bill.  

Anyone who wants to help out in DC please let us know.  
We really could use the help even if you can't personally make it.  
Just you setting up meetings with your representatives for us to take while we are there would be enormously helpful.  They respond to their constituents and that is what something like this is going to take.  So please let us know
if you can either join us in DC or if you can set up a meeting for us with your Congressman or Senator.  

Thank you so much for your ongoing support.  We need it now more than ever.

With Gratitude and Faith,








Note from Next-up Organisation: 
The English text is an accurate translation made in good faith
but for the exact meaning of the original see the French text, which is the only one legally valid.




Worldwide  alert - mobile phone radiation - non-respect of the SAR statutory limit.

At present a major manufacturer of mobile phones
has launched an urgent large-scale recall of more than 140,000 mobile phones
of the latest model in a well-defined area of sale :

Officially this recall was prompted by tests to check that the model conforms t
o the statutory limit of radiation called
SAR (Specific Absorption Rate).
 Results show that when the phone is used in certain circumstances
the radiation level is about 40/45 % above this legal limit.

In practice this recall operation takes the form of an exchange.
A packet is sent out in which the phone in question can be returned, and the manufacturer promises to provide in exchange a new model which, according to their statement, "fully respects international standards."

This lack of conformity to the SAR limit, cited as the reason for this major recall operation, makes us wonder.
Is it not due in reality to other secret factors that they do not dare to reveal?
In fact for a long time we have denounced, citing specific figures, certain models that fail to meet the SAR limit,
without the authorities reacting in any way, so this sudden recall raises a legitimate question as to its real cause.

This affair has come to light at the worst possible moment.
The fact is that a new and more powerful source of radiation is going to be required for
the next money-making project of the mobile phone companies, with the current development of the
Personal Mobile Television (PMT), which has the full support of the authorities!

The sources of artificial radiation in the microwave range have now got completely out of control.
From being confined inside an oven they have now escaped far and wide throughout our environment and have become a form of pollution that causes serious damage,
inevitably worsening the condition of those who are already weak (prisoners, the sick, the elderly and so on).

Mankind is well on the way along the same road as the insects, the sparrows and the bees,
a road that leads to annihilation, but only a tiny minority are aware of it.

We all function bio-magnetically from head to toe,
but sadly by the time people realise this it will be too late –
the electroencephalograms will be dead flat!

Analysis and background:
a video report that demonstrates that certain phones by Nokia, Sony, etc
do not conform to the SAR statutory limit.

(Video re-broadcast).


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SAR .>  2 W/kg !! . . ..

SAR .>  5.84 W/kg !!

2100 MHz = UMTS / 3G



Video report France 3 : Phone masts beam (Grenoble-France), WHO, BioInitiative 0,6 V/m.


Taking effective action
 is making mobile phones compatible with human health,
it's helping Next-up organisation in its fight,
especially to bring cases to court,
 it's getting the BioInitiative standard adopted.
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