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WiFi: Visualization of the invisible radiation in two dimensions (2D)





Wi-Fi Alert 
Wi-Fi and cardiac arrhythmia (tests)
Wi-Fi in schools ?  Absurd and deceitful.






- Dr. Magda Havas

Open Letter to Parents, Teachers, School Boards.
Regarding Wi-Fi Networks in Schools


For these reasons it is irresponsible to introduce Wi-Fi microwave radiation into a school environment where young children spend hours each day.
Clearly if we do not want antennas "near schools",
we certainly do not want antennas "inside schools!."




Wi-fi radiation: measurements reveal the facts













Wi-fi: the truth about the "constant" level of radiation for a user of 7-15 V/m







Video report France 3 : Phone masts beam (Grenoble-France), WHO, BioInitiative 0,6 V/m.



Interview with Dr George Carlo
Clip from the film "Portables en accusation" ("Mobiles in the Dock") [Fr]
"… 80% of our blood cells are produced in the hip bones …"

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Dossier : CLICK

A Council technician takes away the first wi-fi antenna



Document to be reproduction (free)




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- McDonald’s and Wi-fi
The customer has a right to a healthy environment
not polluted by artificial HF microwave radiation.
This includes the radiation
generated around them by people seated nearby using the Wi-fi.
If McDonald’s want to provide free Wi-fi for their clients, they should
set aside a separate space to which the HF radiation is confined.

The French law on defamation is defined in article 29 on the law on the freedom of the press of 29 July 1881, which declares that: Defamation is
defined as any allegation or imputation of fact that does harm to the honour or reputation of the person or body to whom the fact is imputed . . .
Any insulting expression, terms of contempt or invective that do not include the imputation of any fact constitute an injury.
It should be noted that the fact imputed may be true or not.
Two means of defence exist when defamation has been established: one is exceptio veritatis and the other is good faith.
Good faith is proved by:
- A legitimate intention of sincerity, prudence and objectivity in the comments made.
- The presentation of facts should also not be misleading.




.?- "WiFi is making us all sick. We must ban it"

" A town’s residents claim they are suffering panic attacks,
skin rashes, headaches and dizziness since the streets
there became one of Britain’s first wireless Internet zones. "

... A spokesman for Mast Sanity, a group which campaigns
for safe mobile communications systems, said:
«We think the wi-fi in Glastonbury should be removed instantly.
In the long term, there's evidence that the frequency
used can lead to DNA damage and cancer."



Taking effective action
 is making mobile phones compatible with human health,
it's helping Next-up organisation in its fight,
especially to bring cases to court,
 it's getting the BioInitiative standard adopted.
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